Mission Statement:


Peerless Events & Catering’s mission is to provide exceptional customer-oriented service and top-notch equipment that assist our clients in achieving an outstanding event experience.


Peerless Events and Catering is a company that provides bounce houses, food, eating utensils, balloons, tables, chairs, and venues.  Our purpose is to relieve the parents/customers of any duties they may have during an event.  We will also set up and clean up the events, unless told otherwise by the customer. Peerless Events & Catering will distinguish itself from its competition by emphasizing that is offers superior customer service and more reasonable pricing.  The Company’s management knows that the best marketing strategy is to aggressively pursue a comprehensive promotional campaign.  A well-rounded approach to marketing promotes the Company to a diverse customer base, ensuring a sales strategy that it is not dependent on one group.  Marketing for the Company will include a combination of time-tested methods, including direct sales, trade shows, and traditional marketing, such as industry publication advertisements, as well as a robust search engine optimization and online marketing campaign.